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Bridging science and education

By Dr Marina Puglisineuroscience

Over the past decades, science has provided evidence on how to most efficiently reduce language and literacy problems in the early years. Applying this knowledge, professionals from the Health and Human Sciences and Educationists could join …

Ancients Anonymous

By Dr Tom GeueTom Geue Blog post Banksy Picture

On October 8 2013, the popular darling/critical whipping boy ‘Banksy’ scrawled a little masterpiece of epigraphy on a Brooklyn door. That is, the artist or collective of artists working under this broad-church, catch-all pseudonym told us …

Roland Barthes’ “American Delirium”

By Professor Jonathan Culler Transatlantic Barthes_e-flyer

Roland Barthes, the French cultural critic and literary theorist, had a complex, vexed relation to the United States.  His attitude towards other countries was much less equivocal: Japan he idealized as a repository of mythical signs, …

Perspectives on education: HE versus FE

jigsawBy Sean Coughlan 

What’s the point of university? What is higher education meant to provide that’s different from further education? And what shape should further education have in the big jigsaw puzzle of education after school?

These were some of …

Perspectives on Education

Perspectives-on-EducationBy Professor Roger Kain FBA

In March, the British Academy held the first seminar in its ‘Perspectives on Education’ series. This series of seminars will be held at the British Academy throughout 2015, and will cover issues across education policy, …